The Paperboys


Wrapping up their 20th anniversary year, Vancouver Canadian musician Tom Landa, is looking back on the legacy of his much-loved folk rock band The Paperboys. For two decades, The Paperboys have been touring the world and lighting up stages with their free-wheeling blend of influences from Celtic and bluegrass, to Mexican son jarocho, brass bands, and Canadian roots. They’ve been called everything from Cajun slamgrass to worldbeat, they’ve received a Juno award (Canadian Grammy), plus two Juno nominations, released nine albums, and regularly play two-night bills in the Pacific Northwest.
Folk, Celtic, Latin-Roots Rock.
Genre: Folk: Celtic Folk
Release Date: 2016


At Peace With One's Ghost's


- Paperboys Latest Studio Album

Full of funky horns, Latin grooves and original reels, this Paperboys CD's is a must for any fan of the band. 

The Road To Ellenside

Recorded in a house in England, this CD slides effortlessly between Folk, Bluegrass, Celtic and Mexican music.  

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The Juno Award nominated CD, was produced by Danny Greensppon (Great Big Sea) and sees the band dive into Latin and Spanish themes, cajun, and pop rock, alongside their familiar Celtic jigs and reels. 

Live Across The Water, Across The Land

The Paperboys LIVE! 

City of Chains

- 'Single'

Dilapidated Beauty

- 2 Cd set all rolled into one.

Dilapidated Beauty, a two-disc set of killer songwriting attached to beautiful melodies, shows why this band is still around and why it is a mystery that they aren't in the big leagues. Victory Review, Seattle. 


- A Greatest Hits collection of the first 'ten years' of the band.

A Greatest Hits collection of the first 'ten years' of the band.


- Juno Award Winning Album

Late As Usual

- Our first album

Later Than Last

- Fiddle Player Kalissa's CD